Honeywell V4600c Gas Valve Manual

What the gas pressure has to do with an incorrect temperature sensor is a mystery to me and maybe just part of its damage control process to delay things.. The case is still under warranty for parts but I have to pay for shipping and I am waiting to come and pay a plumber hundreds of dollars to install f-stuff.

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At that time the flashlight went to the Heartbeat flash the exhaust valve opened and the detonator lit Brenner on.. Turn the Temp key all the way to high down to VAC to high down to VAC and then to HOT.. From the other side of the room just say Alexa game billions and Fire TV Cube turn on your TV and start playing so you can control your conversation with voice commands.. So do not give up it works and I suspect these methods will work on 0 of the failed controls if you take the steps of a T with the knowledge that you need to do it more than once or twice before it takes and removes the error code.

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